MediaK2, a division of BeeHive Company, is a globally distributed, complete marketing solutions company – catering to small, medium and large – scale enterprises.

Services: Print, Design&Development, Brand Management, Middle Marketing, Media Buying, Public Relations, Social Media, Outdoor Advertising.

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K2 Events offers organization of conferences, promotions, videos, book promotions, various cocktails, organizing youth dinners, presentations for your business, organization of seminars, decorating the rooms and businesses and other cultural events - artistic activities.

Our concern is that your events to be unique.

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Alpi | Sentis AG

Company strategy is to always maintain a focus to ensure Sentis AG stays as a corporation that provides long-lasting, affordable and quality products to our customers.

Mission: To connect technological innovation with consumer demands and to provide an added value for all our products to each and every client.

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Euro Gips known as a company in Macedonia that offers materials with high quality and together with their partners they will continue to offer good quality and low prices. Euro Gips offers to all the clients products for plastering, facades and many other decorations.

Euro Gips offers its customers, products for all works as plastering, facades, and many other decorations.

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